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Enable WA is a not for profit disability service provider, who have been operating in Western Australia for over 30 years. They have a 'people-first' approach to everything they do, and their values, approachability, inclusion and  mission are what drew me to the organisation. 

Enable WA have been with Yellow Digital from the get-go, and we are about to commence our third year together on the Marketing Partners Package. 

The Marketing Partners Package is a contracted 10-hours a week to perform all marketing, advertising, graphic design and PR tasks. Find out more here!

Depending on your advertising and business goals, traditional television advertising might be the perfect way to reach your target market. This ad was directed by Yellow Digital and produced by the incredible Great Minds Media - my videographer of choice. 


Social Media management (Meta + LinkedIn)

Yellow's been busy working alongside Enable's Executive and Management team for the last 3 years, and engaging with NDIS Participants, Support Workers and Coordinators to make sure I know the ins and outs of everyone's role inside the organisation. 

It's important to me to understand everyone's role and thoughts on how THEY see the organisation and their roles before I can create the best marketing and communication strategies.  After all, how can you speak to the right people if you don't understand their lives?

Whilst this philosophy may not work for all agencies and marketers, it's what makes the relationship between Yellow and Enable WA so special. 

All graphic design

Website management

Ad campaign creation and management

Print materials

Expo materials and event setup

Grant applications and press releases

Newsletters and easy-read versions

Blogs and photography

Annual Report design and content

+ more!


In 2022, Enable WA agreed to a full redesign of their website, with their target market of carers and family members of people living with disability as the primary focus. Their primary call to action or conversion action was to encourage enquiries about joining Enable WA as a client. 

Their site was built in Wix, and includes text to speech functionality, keyboard navigation, clean space, illustrations with easily recognisable facial expressions, accessible forms, and alt-text throughout. 

The final site was nominated for the Australian Web Awards, and was announced as a Finalist in 2023. Yellow Digital was the only freelance Finalist through - NOT from an Agency. We didn't take home the win, but it was a great honour to be recognised nationally. 

enable slanted.webp


  • Step 1: Questionnaire
    First we need to work out who you are, your business name, your service area, your target market, and your requirements. You will be sent a questionnaire asking you about your business, competitors, and what makes you unique in the market.
  • Step 2: Logo Design
    From here, I will set to work designing you a unique logo that encapsulates your brand's essence and identity. You will be presented with 2 logo versions, with rationales. Simply select the option you'd like to proceed with, and request up to 2 rounds of revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the final result. OPTIONAL EXTRA: At this point, you can choose to have additional visual branding elements added (for a charge). These can be used as a brand pattern, as decorative elements, or to help aid your audience in recognising your brand easily.
  • Step 3: Logo Delivery
    Once you're satisfied with your new brand identity, you will be supplied with: PRIMARY LOGO: To be used on the majority of your marketing collateral. - Full colour version - 'Reversed' version (for when your logo is being used on a coloured background) - White version - Black version all in RGB and CMYK, in .ai, .svg, .png and .pdf formats. SECONDARY LOGO: To be used in marketing collateral where the Primary Logo doesn't quite work or fit the space. Your secondary logo may have a few elements shuffled or dropped for legibility. - Full colour version - 'Reversed' version (for when your logo is being used on a coloured background) - White version - Black version all in RGB and CMYK, in .ai, .svg, .png and .pdf formats. SUBMARK LOGO: A very simple version of your logo - typically including a shape or a graphic element from your brand with a nod to your brand name. - Full colour version - 'Reversed' version (for when your logo is being used on a coloured background) - White version - Black version all in RGB and CMYK, in .ai, .svg, .png and .pdf formats.
  • Step 4: Optional Add-Ons
    Once you have your logo, you can choose from a range of options to give your brand the best foot forward into your market. Get in touch if you'd like a quote on: - Brand Guidelines - Establishing a Brand Voice and Tone - Web Design - Printed marketing materials - Setting up your social media channels (or check out the Courses tab!)


Follow Enable WA on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to see all of their marketing firsthand. 




"Lauren from Yellow Digital has provided Enable WA (a registered  NDIS disability service provider), with consistently high quality communications, marketing and graphic design expertise since 2020.

Lauren is an expert in this field, and can be absolutely relied upon to deliver on time and on budget every time.  Thanks to the work Lauren has led, we have significantly increased our social media profile, plus developed strong brand recognition and consistently with our publications that have a distinct ‘Enable WA’ look and feel. She's also raised our profile in the regions we operate in, streamlined our digital touchpoints and explains her marketing reports in terms that we are familiar with (not full of jargon!). Thanks for everything you do!"

David Naughton

Chief Executive Officer

Enable WA



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